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Retirement Planning

Your goal is a comfortable retirement. OUR GOAL IS TO GET YOU THERE!

For many, retirement is a time of welcome opportunities, spending time with family, traveling, exploring interests or just relaxing! With the average retiree expected to live longer, it's important to have a plan to make sure your income lasts throughout. While there's no magic formula or perfect plan, we can help you find the right answers for you and your family

What will your retirement look like? Will you have enough to live the life you want in retirement?

Your AFG Financial Advisor will take the time to get to know you and understand all the factors in your financial life.

We will design a personalized financial plan to help you pursue your goals by focusing on the following essentials:

  • Flexible and impactful plan design
  • High-touch enrollment support and participant engagement
  • Rigorous investment selection process
  • Robust support services and products
  • Maximize your employer match & take full advantage of employer contributions
  • Use tax-advantaged savings plans
  • Save as much as you can through tax-advantaged accounts (maximize contributions to your workplace savings plan and then open an IRA)
  • Get the most out of Social Security
  • Create a plan to help your income last throughout retirement
  • Consolidate old workplace savings plans if you change jobs
  • Establish an automatic investment plan. Scheduling regular, automatic transfers to your investment account can help keep your savings goals on track
  • Prioritizing other financial goals after you have set up your retirement savings strategy
  • Invest for growth and income
  • Bridge any gaps in your plan
  • Adjust your portfolio to reflect life changes


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